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Stains & Repairs

We’ve all been there….accidently spilling something on our favourite piece of clothing and wonder how on earth we’re ever going to savage it? Or maybe the kids have come home from school looking like they’ve been on a wild adventure? Whether it’s a stubborn stain, a missing button, or torn seam these garments often end up at the back of a drawer, hidden from sight, to be dealt with another day or at worst, in the bin!

Livingston Ironing Services to the rescue ! We are equipped to deal with all your stubborn stains and minor repairs. We promise to always do our best to salvage your favourite garments.

Need your stain removed or repair carried out in a hurry? Try our Express 24 hour Service

No cash? no problem, pay safely online using our secure check-out service.

We will treat your item(s) with care when actively removing stubborn stains, ensuring minimal damage to the fabric or colour. (Remember, the fresher the stain, the easier it will be to remove.)
Minor seam repairs or missing buttons can be repaired in no time, simply let us know what items are stained, torn or in need of repair and we will endeavour to revive or repair them within 48 hours.

How It Works: 

  • Choose Stains & Repairs  –  We can successfully remove stubborn stains caused by food, drink, grass, blood etc. or carry out a minor repairs such as a torn seams, fallen hems or missing buttons. We will work our magic on your item and return it to you within 48 hours.
    Stains – Advise us on the item and the location of the stain.
    Repairs – Advise us on the item and repair required 
  • Choose your date – Choose a day and time on our calendar suitable for us to collect your laundry and check-out using our secure online payment service.(Bookings can be made up to 4 weeks in advance).
  • Sit back and Relax – Let us take care of the rest. We will collect and deliver your stain free or repaired items within 48 hours.
Returned Within 48 Hours
Stain Removal
From £3Per Item
Button Replacement
From £3Per Button
Seams & Hems
From £5Per Seam / Hem